Marwa Helal

invasive species self-questionnaire

ask or aks?

on what?
company, mood, memory, the speed of code- switch.

weed or beautiful flower?
beautiful flower … growing everywhere, anywhere, anywhere.

what happens when the colonizer’s blood runs through yours?
blood type: O-
 universal donor, du bois’s double-consciousness; an inner conflict. an unceasing awareness of the gaze/a jihad of the naafs,
 my iranian sociology professor would say.

funny thing about being a universal donor is you can give everyone blood but only take from your own kind.

oppressed or oppressor?

see also: under siege.

sand nigger or cherry picker? 
america can’t even

get the slur right.

who made this taxonomy?
unmake it.

terrorist or freedom fighter?
freedom fighter. ask a real question.

when you say: “ask a real question,” is that part of this performance?

yes, this is a performance of my humanity. i am saying, “look, look at intelligent i am. look, see: how i am, how i am avoiding death.”

good. because i thought for a moment, you might be possessed.
my writing is the only thing i’ll let them possess.

occupation or conflict?
occupation. i said: ask a real question.

where do you want to be buried?
(i am, i am. and everywhere.)

not here.

what is native?
not here. 

(i am, i am. and everywhere.)

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