Marwa Helal

multiplication of the blues

after Philip Metres “The Blues of Lynddie England” from SAND OPERA

you, you: lynddie, you. lynddie: manipulatedanipulator. i made a new word for you. i’ve known you from that small town. went to high school with a girl like you. you never were too good at math; a multiplication of the fools. never would have imagined you, of all people, on the big tv news. but life’s got a fancy calculator and you caught a case of ‘be all you can be’ attitude. counting hoods on pointed fingers… all those things he made you do. lynddie, you damn fool. i would have helped you cheat on math. could have told you he was cheating you. girl, they played you like the saddest kentucky blues. now, now, lynddie lou. you made a deal with the devil while singing: “anything he asked/ he knew/ i would do.” but did you, lynddie, did you have to make a baby with him too?

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